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The Self-Care Diaries: A Summary

26 Feb 2018

Weeeell, it took a full month longer* than I originally planned, but I am pleased to announce that I finished formatting all of my self-care diaries from last year. *this truthfully just means I procrastinated It turns out there isn’t a very easy way to display WordPress entries in reverse chronological order (where January 1 is the first post you see, and December 31st the last). Fortunately, I figured out a workaround of sorts. Click below: The Self-Care Diaries of 2017 Reading back through each post felt a lot like going through my childhood treasure box. Each entry transported me back to exactly where I was, and how I was feeling when I wrote that post. At the time, I…

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Saigon: A Summary

06 Jan 2018

I had the last-minute opportunity to visit Saigon over New Year’s 2018, first with an amazing crew of fellow travelers and then by myself for a few days. Here’s a quick, rough overview while everything is still fresh in my mind! I’ll come back and refine this post later on… Overall experience: I had no idea what to expect, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Food: 7.5/10. I’m partial to Chinese food – I probably always will be. Some of my meals were rather hit-or-miss, but others were phenomenal. I’m working on trying more stuff this year instead of sticking with safe choices, so I don’t mind that not everything was perfect. (Sometimes things just weren’t to my personal taste;…

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Goin’ up [on camera] on a Tuesday

27 Sep 2017

This is old-school, “straight outta Compton*” blogging. Word vomit to the max. *where Compton = Katherine’s Xanga circa 2005. ================ I can’t even begin to summarize how wild today has been. Last week, my friend Kara asked me if I’d like to be an extra for a promo video featuring several creative brands in town. Since my schedule permitted, I said “yes”, and threw it on my calendar. Yesterday, I realized I didn’t know any details about any part of it, so I acquired an address with a time to show up, and the teensiest bit of background context behind the initiative. Great. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-and-my-Google-Calendar kinda girl, so this morning I woke up and rolled out of bed into…

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